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Google Instant: Potential Impact on SEO and SEM

On 14th Jun’11, Amit Singhal and his team at Google Inc. launched the various new features under Google InsideSearch. This included – data on searches (on Desktop and Mobile devices), Speech Search on Desktops, Search by Image and the super fast “Google Instant Pages”. “Google Instant Pages” would open up within milliseconds of clicking on a particular search result link. Amit says, “At Google, we are crazy about speed.” And “Google Instant Pages” are just a step ahead towards dictating the same. Amit and his team intend to bring down the time taken to display / opening up of the search result. Given below are few images from the event and a presentation that I had made to my team during the launch of “Google Instant” … a brush up of what “Google Instant” was and how it will further shape up in the future … do share your views at kpal77@gmail.com

Team Google Inc, Amit Singhal, Google InsideSearch
Team Google InsideSearchQuery Timeline at Google

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